Ellen founded Body Focus in 1995. Ellen was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in the early 70s. With a love of travel, Ellen journeyed all over the world on Arcadia of P&O as a therapist. This experience was challenging, it developed discipline and added depth of character. Ellen was originally trained with Cindy Brown at Cindy’s School of Beauty Therapy in Harare in 1993.

Body Focus offers a spa experience. It is charming, warm and friendly in a homely setting that offers a wide variety of treatments with knowledgeable staff. Body Focus first opened in 1995 with an inspiration to bring about wellbeing and relaxation to all. 

Body Focus Spa has ample secure parking. The environment is quiet and relaxing by design. We encourage you to leave behind the stresses of day-to-day living as you arrive. The Harare based spa at Body Focus has a calming effect that helps you to unwind. We hope to meet your personal beauty and pain relief needs as best we can.