Deep Tissue Therapy with Neuromuscular Therapy
$30 (60 minutes)
This is a treatment that gently lengthens the facia sheath which surrounds chronically contracted muscles while the trigger points are treated with varying pressure as the muscles release. This brings relief to the connective tissue and to the nerves as excess pressure is eased. It allows a fresh blood supply to bring further healing to the affected area and rebalancing the body.

Stone Therapy Massage
$35 (60 minutes)
This treatment is a calming treatment where the energies of the stone massage is known to promote a harmonising and cleansing effect.  The quietude and calm in this treatment allows you to unwind and re-energize.  Working in harmony using various massage techniques with the warm basalt lava stones brings a deep relief from the stress held in the muscles as it is literally melted away. Warm stones increase blood circulation, metabolism, lymph drainage, decreases the stimulus of the myo-neural junction.

Aromatherapy Massage
$35 (60 minutes)
This treatment uses natural aromatic essences or oils extracted from wild or cultivated plants that can be added to carrier oil for massage. Often applied to the body with gentle lymphatic massage techniques that calm the nervous system and lowers your stress level. The oils hold therapeutic properties to enhance your wellbeing that are easily absorbed by the skin. The whole holistic approach of aromatherapy is effective to bring a positive change in ones mood, motivation, memory and creativity.

Therapeutic Full Body Massage
$30 (60 minutes)
This professional massage is done with a variety of therapeutic techniques to ease and relax the body. The therapist will use unscented almond oil for the legs, feet, arms, back, neck and shoulders. The stomach is optional. The therapist may use effleurage; petrisage, cupping, and hacking or deep therapy trigger point work to alleviate stress.

Therapeutic Back and Neck Massage
$20 (30 minutes)
This treatment concentrates on the back for half an hour. The therapist will cover the problematic area of the back to relieve tight muscles along the sacrum, spine and shoulders into the neck. The therapist will use unscented almond oil.

Pre-Natal Massage
$30 (60 minutes)
This treatment for expecting mothers focuses on areas that come under strain during pregnancy.  This includes the legs, feet, lower back, shoulders and the neck.  This treatment is offered from three months and above. The almond oil is unscented. Massage can be done on the table or sitting. A consultation is done before commencement of the treatment.  The overall effect helps mum to be to get through pain and stress free.  Be in touch regarding a package.

Indian Head Massage
$20 (30 minutes)
This is a relaxing treatment that works on the head and shoulders while the client is comfortably sitting in a chair or lying down on a massage table. This treatment can be done in the spa or in the garden (weather permitting).  This is a wonderful relaxing and unwinding therapy.  The massage techniques used target muscle tension that can cause headaches. The therapist will work on the scalp, forehead face and on the neck and shoulders to bring relaxation benefits and relief.

Reflexology Massage
$20 (30 minutes)
Working on the reflexes of the feet with a healing touch that releases enkephalins and endorphins which promote feelings of well being, strengthen the immune and hormone systems of the body. Combining a gentle foot massage and also applying pressure to strategically located zones of the feet that correspond with specific body organs. Reflexology will improve circulation, induce relaxation, stimulate the body’s systems, reduce stress and supports the immune system and the body to heal itself.  Ultimate results from a program of once a week for 6 weeks.

Rejuvenating Foot Massage
$15 (20 minutes)
This is massage that combines shiatsu pressure points with reflex and massage to ease tired aching feet.  Added Essential oil of peppermint to energize and refresh.

Rapid Release Technology Massage (RRT)
$15 add to massage (10 minutes)
This is a percussion treatment. Can be used without a massage treatment but is often added to a body massage to aid release of fascia, hypertonic muscles, adhesions and stiffness. RRT helps to relax tight muscles and opposing muscle groups that are fighting with each other. If two muscle groups are pulling against each other, you experience pain in that area and reduced range of motion in the joint. RRT eliminates this tension and reduces your soft tissue pain.

RRT has effectively relieved chronic pain of patients who have had no previous success with other holistic treatments. After muscle injury or overuse, scar tissue forms in the body creating an adhesion. When activated by vibration waves at an optimal frequency of 170hertz, the scar tissue begins to break up and the area is released.  A consultation is given before receiving RRT.