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What is Acne?
Acne is a condition where hair follicles connected to oil glands become blocked or clogged by excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. It presents in many forms such as blackheads, whiteheads, small red, tender bumps called papules, pimples or pustules can be large and painful lumps called nodules and cystic lesions.

The MythsThere are many myths about what causes acne. Some of which have an element of truth but have been distorted or misunderstood. For example, eating oily foods has been believed to cause acne. Research has proven that it is not the oil in your system from the food you eat but rather the oil on your skin either from oil glands producing too much oil or from direct skin contact with oily substances through the environment and lifestyle.

Another common misconception is that chocolate and sweets cause acne. These, in fact, make acne worse if you already have an underlying problem but they, on their own are not a trigger. So depending on your situation, chocolates are not the culprit – you may be ok to enjoy your dark chocolate after-all.

Acne is actually caused by hormones called androgens that increase during puberty and cause the oil glands to enlarge thus producing more sebum or oil.
This explains why a lot of teenagers are affected by acne and it can stretch on into adulthood. For example, hormonal changes related to pregnancy and the use of oral contraceptives can affect sebum production.

Genetics also play a big role. If your parents had acne, you will most likely have it too. Stress also causes acne because cells that produce sebum have stress receptors that cause them to make more oil. The oil mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria, clogging the hair follicles, this results in a skin flare-up.Friction or pressure on your skin from synthetic hair, oily fringes, helmets, tight collars and backpacks also increase acne on your face, neck, arms and back.

A common mistake is to over cleanse or exfoliate the affected area. This can affect the delicate PH balance of the skin and will promote oil secretion exacerbating the problem. The skin would be best dealt with by using dermatological and clinically approved treatments.

DermaFix is one such solution with clinically tested ingredients that are designed to cleanse and treat the skin. The products are PH balanced and gentle on your skin, helping to reduce inflammation & scars, leaving the skin soft and acne free. DermaFix provides measurable scientific results for the correction, prevention and protection of the skin. There are also advanced skin care DermaFix products specializing in anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, scarring and stretch marks. DermaFix is not tested on animals, has no artificial colours or animal ingredients and has no parabens.

While talking about acne, we have to stress the importance of facials as part of your skincare routine. Facials help to detoxify the skin, correct the PH balance, exfoliate dead skin cells, hydrate and reduce stress.

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients:

I have always had problem skin and it was particularly difficult in my teen years. I had terrible acne and scarring and it really affected my confidence. After trying all the store-bought facial soaps and trying a radical change in diet without success, I began to accept that this would not change. My mum saw how hard this was for me, a senior in high school, about to go off to university. She discovered DermaFix and I honestly didn’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed again, but I really had nothing to lose. I started seeing results in the second week but I still didn’t want to celebrate too early. By my sixth week, WOW!!! I hadn’t seen my skin this clear since I was 13! Thank you Ellen (Body Focus) for introducing me to DermaFix and for the amazing facials. My face is clear, my smile is back and I can confidently step out into this new stage of my life. I highly recommend the Body Focus DermaFix treatment. You’ve seen my pictures! If it worked on me, it will work on you too!

Give us a call to book your consultation and take the first step towards a brighter, smooth and acne free skin with DermaFix at Body Focus.

The Treatment

Our Body Focus Derma Fix treatment helps inflamed aggravated skin…

Date visited: 20th August 2018 Looking for a solution for acne breakout

Diagnosis Week 1:

 Picture taken 20th August 2018

Consultation Diagnosis: Notably the skin barrier was compromised. The skin was itchy and the client felt she was allergic to creams even water would feel painful.  Skin was extremely dehydrated and over sensitive. Pustules were present over most of the face and décolletage.

Our trained therapist began with an in-house Derma Fix Facial skin treatment for sensitive skin and acne. Used Derma Fix Colloidal Oat Mask to calm and rehydrate the sensitive skin.  Colloidal Oat Masque offers ultra soothing barrier repair by attracting and holding moisture on the surface of the skin.  It is an excellent treatment for eczema, dry itchy and rosacea skin. It reduces redness and preserves the integrity of the Stratum Corneum. Our therapist applied Derma Fix Vitamin B cream which is lightweight in texture and helps regulate oil gland secretion reducing the possibility of clogged pores, inflammation and breakouts.  D-Pathenol is an ingredient in Vitamin B Cream which stimulates skin healing. The client was given Derma Fix home care products. The client introduced these to her routine gently and eventually used the range daily as her skin healed from oversensitivity.

Diagnosis Week 2:

 Picture taken: 28th August 2018

The client has been on Derma Fix home care for one week and received a second in-house Derma Fix Facial skin treatment.  The skin has shown remarkable improvement and healing.

Just one week later and the skin appeared less inflamed and not as sensitive. Pustule break out had healed and skin sensitivity was greatly reduced.  After a week of using the Derma Fix Skin Care at home, the skin was notably less sensitive. The skin had healed from the breakout and the skin tone was calmer, softer and not as red and angry. Client continued to use the Derma Fix Skin Care program at home twice a day.

Diagnosis Week 3:

 Picture taken 3rd Sept 2018

The smile says it all. A happy client. The client’s skin has drastically improved. Client continued to have one facial treatment per week for 4 weeks. The client continues to use Derma Fix Home care products but has moved onto the Derma Fix Mandelic Range Acne Solutions. She continues to see improvements. Again… a happy client.

Ellen was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in the early 70s. With a love of travel, Ellen journeyed all over the world on Arcadia of P&O as a therapist. This experience was challenging and developed discipline and added depth of character. Ellen was originally trained with Cindy Brown at Cindy’s School of Beauty Therapy in Harare in 1993. She continues to upgrade her education and qualification…

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