Massage Therapy – Alternative to Surgery and Pain Medication

Muscular injury causes vasoconstriction which is narrowing of the blood vessels in the affected area. This reduces circulation thus causing muscle tissue to tighten or become hyper-tonic.

Did You Know: Tight muscles trap toxins such as Lactic acid and these increase nerve sensitivity which causes pain.

Naturally, in order to minimize pain, the body adjusts and performs certain tasks in different, less efficient ways. For example, one would walk with a limp to avoid pain in the calf muscle from putting pressure on the leg. Does this sound like you, someone you know or something you have experienced at some point? While pain killers can offer some relief, they are a short term solution.

The good news is that there is something you can do to get that spring back in your step and no, it’s not surgery.

Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy (TrPs) with Rapid Release Technology (RRT) works to loosen tight muscles restoring circulation to the affected area. This reduces the trapped acids that cause pain. Furthermore, manipulating the soft tissue and applying static pressure on certain points brings relief. BodyFocus offers you these massage techniques that encourage the muscles to go back to their correct function.

Did You Know: The source of the muscular pain is not always the same place it is felt.

Knowing this, our massage therapist targets tight bands of muscle or scar tissue by applying increasing pressure until the muscle relaxes and the fibrous tissue dissipates thus reducing pain and offering more broad body movements. Trigger point therapy and Deep tissue massage therapy with Rapid Release Technology are safe and long term alternatives to pain relieving drugs. So when that pinched nerve or aching muscle starts giving you grief, don’t grab a pain killer. Come to Body Focus for a massage instead.

These unique massage therapies offer great relief from a wide range of problems including: headaches, migranes, back, neck and shoulder pains, hip, knee and foot pains, tennis elbow, muscle spasms, cramps and strains.

In cases where the patient needs work done on the muscular and skeletal level, we work with a local Orthogonal Chiropractor who corrects the skeletal system. So if you are suffering from any of the above, Body Focus and we’d be happy to assist you.Remember… Healthy Bodies, Happy Lives!

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